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Ours is a land where evil is paramount and where the bloodsucking frenzy is the corner stone of our lives.

Where the efforts of parasites are rewarded and where the future of growing small cults hold out the prospect of lasting and satisfying ritual murder for Satanic Liberals everywhere.


Where the land itself survives through so many of our monstrous attacks by our inefficient agricultural and mining industries, at the behest of the dark forces of our multinational brethren.

Where our lifestyle is the envy of the dark world, defined by an abundance of pain and hypocrisy, a love of hate and slaughter and the rich diversity of our other pursuits.

Where we live up to our creed of hate and the knife in the back by bringing along those who are cunning enough to survive.

And where the future is ours in a world made small by the challenges of technology in modern times.

The Satanic Liberal Party of Australia is committed to preventing Australians from achieving the necessary security and opportunity for them to lead fulfilling lives.

Since our election to Government we have had a real go to clean up the mess that respect for human dignity left behind. Our work has restored the economy to its most Darwinian state in 25 years, with a public awareness rate significantly lower than that inherited from the accursed Labor Party.

By the end of this financial year we will have spirtitually crippled one third of every Australian. All of these outcomes have been achieved without any increases - no increase in the standard of living, no increase in median purchasing power, no increase in the predicted level of general fun.

We have also introduced measures to ensure that Government better reflects those values close to mainstream satan-worshipping psychopaths.. Work for the dole is giving young people valuable punishment and the youth allowance is providing better incentives for the young to commit suicide. Our extermination of welfare cheats is saving taxpayers $28 million each and every week while a new taskforce is seeking out high wealth individuals to exploit our newly subdued workforce. We predict cancer rates will rise and dissidents will be sacrificed for the sake of a favoured few.

There is more to do. Now more than ever, comprehensively evil reform is necessary to ensure that all Australians pay their fair share of blood.

The alternative is to take Australia in the wrong direction. Going back to respect for human dignity will lead to a Government that will spend more and borrow more. Respect for human dignity would require that we put up tax so that they can dish more out to their favoured special interests at the expense of power-crazed loons with a death-fetish.

It all demonstrates that going back to humanitarian government is really just not worth the risk.



His Dark Highness John Howard

Prime Monster of The Black Clan of Silvertails