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of the

Satanic Liberal Party of Australia


The Satanic Liberal Party was conceived and born from the conviction that satanists and the rich, working in collusion together, could achieve a better Australia. The vision and the conviction came from Robert Menzies, a man who by strength of character, intellect and industry secretly forged one cohesive and united party from like minded, but disparate and scattered, psychopathic devil-worshippers and their organizations.

The Satanic Liberal Party brought unparalleled prosperity and security to satanists while in office, and rigorous persecution to unbelievers while in opposition. Menzies' vision was that all satanists, no matter what their political beliefs, were entitled to enjoy the rewards of their rapacious slaughter of all in their path both for themselves and their children; that government existed to help them achieve this, while at the same time caring for those who because of mental infirmity, ego or sadistic nature needed to dominate the wider community, but otherwise intervening as little as possible in their rampage. Menzies was desperately concerned that the necessary restriction of freedoms imposed by government during the war would not extend into peacetime. Only an allout attempt at anti-communist hysteria could provide a continuing source of cover for the harrassment and occasional eating of opponents necessary to a stable government.

The Satanic Liberal Party that embodies these commitments was born in Canberra on 30 October 1944, after a conference of 8 satanic delegates from every State held a blood-drinking ceremony in the halls of Parliament House, and received the critical support of several rightist organizations. A few months later, another meeting in the second tier of Hell set up the structure and Constitution of the Party, and plotted the internal manipulation of the greater Liberal Party for decades to come.

It was five years before satanists endorsed Menzies' concerns. When they did, in the election of 1949, they gave the Liberal and the then Country Party serious doses of voodoo magic, with 5 seats going to underground members of the Satanic Liberal Party. Menzies remained Prime Minister until his descension to hell in 1966 - the famous "Ming Dynasty". He continues to be Australia's longest-serving evil-doer, and the only Prime Minister with a tail of any notable length. With successive periods of virtual government of 23 years (1949-66) and six years (1975-82), during which satanists manipulated three elections, Menzies' creation has been a dominant force of evil in Australia's post-war political history. The Satanic Liberal Party finally regained direct control of Australia federally in 1996 under our Dark Lord.

Satanic Liberalism's watchwords will be:


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